Friday, 24 January 2014

Reform, deform and votes

Every change is not reform but the term is used as a catchall, a sloganised sales pitch for whatever the user wants. Very many of the changes proposed to Irelands electoral system are deforms to a system that has, and is serving the country well. This is not to say we are a utopia: that impossible state is the poisonous carrot for self destructive donkeys. 

Proportional Representation Single Transferable Vote system has served Ireland well by any metric. Despite the disaster of the bankruptcy of the entire banking system at the end of the 1999-2007 credit bubble and the consequent budgetary difficulties Ireland remains one of the world’s richest (13th and freest countries (9th . A number of other metrics could be used to show the relative success of the Irish system including the numbers who vote (indicating political engagement) but the only people who believe that changing how we select our representatives want to gain power from the change.

Much more influential on of parliamentary politics is the multi seat rather than single seat constituencies that pertain elsewhere. Behaviour of public representatives is constrained by the presence of party rivals in their own backyard. 

The criticism  that this leaves TDs much too concerned about local and unconcerned about national outcomes, illustrated by a handful of examples of TDs voting against some issue on a local basis. Aside from single examples that illustrate that this occurs, it is difficult to find where this maters to the outcome. The other criticism is that TDs engage in constituency work to the detriment of their national legislative role. There is no evidence that Ireland lacks law and with a tenuous and anaemic system of local government their work has value. Occupying the time of politicians with work of value to their constituents is likely to be far more useful than having idle legislators finding ways of expanding the role of government and the state.

Irish voters enjoy an unparalleled access and closeness to their national parliamentary representatives. This access and the multi seat constituencies means governments are much less likely to push policies far from those espoused by the electorate or likely to be rejected with ferocity by it. This kind of stability is very valuable, particualrly in times of crisis.

Alternative systems that produce clearer majorities other than the barbaric single-member plurality system requires either a seat top or a list system. Any such system takes power from the voters and put it into the hands of anonymous and unexamined party hacks. This is, understandably, much admired idea by those who believe they know better than the people precisely who should be in power. On that system this government would have been decided by Phil Hogan and Ivana Bacik. There may even be voters who are NOT horrified by such a prospect...

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Don't dare disagree.

If you are losing a debate you thought you had won what do you do?

We know now what the proponents of Same Sex Marriage do when faced with the awful truth that you need more than a cheap slogan and three insults to win an argument: turn to fascism and shut down the debate on the grounds that anyone speaking against your proposition is responsible for your personal misery and crimes committed against gay people. You scream "homophobia" loud and long. This is an attempt to restrict debate, an attack on free speech as insidious and nasty as any coercive censorship.

As a gay man I have come to loathe the smug, self appointed representatives of gaydom, the activists that claim to speak for me while viciously trying to shut me up. One had the stupidity to tell me on live radio that he "represented gay people" and it is possible that he believed he did. Others have applied all the strength of their fourth-hand, fifth-rate amateur psychology to declare me a self-loathing, damage-internalising, Stockholm syndrome-suffering, homophobic, mentally ill Judas with a desire for cheap publicity. Still others have expressed a simple, and to them, rational desire to kill me.

I have gotten off lightly.

The small group of people who make up the Iona Institute are seen as the biggest threat to the activist designed paradise and it is for them that the most vicious attacks have been reserved. Delenda est David Quinn and the weapon is the crime of "homophobia". The allegations are horrible. Quinn does not oppose redefinition of marriage and the diminution of children's rights from a logical viewpoint, he has a pathological fear of gay people. Worse, his very arguments hurt gay people and directly encourages brutal physical attacks on them. David Quinn is a monster. Nothing to see here folks, just some scared beasts lashing out.

It is a simple, satisfying and ancient tactic. Vilify and demonize your opposition, create a monsterous and iconic Aunt Sally, then you need not ask who would listen to such a person. It is the tactic of the bully and the coward, of those who do not have a credible, useful case to make. The defamation has a purpose. If you can't play the ball, play the man. With no winning argument the gaystabo are reduced to villification. It is also a tactic that cannot work in a law abiding society where a persons reputation and persona has even vestigial legal protection.

In a free society every citizen is entitled to their opinions and everyone to their reputation. The ridiculous pretence that it is homophobic to resist the redefining of marriage as a near meaningless companionship agreement only makes sense to a dwindling group of extremists. The self appointed leaders of the gay victimhood cult have no right to silence others nor no legal standing to destroy the reputations of dissenters.  There are hard facts that they will have to face. Repeating a slur does not make it true nor does belief make truth of a lie. In a republic, a drag queen, however inflated his sense of his own importance, has no higher legal rights than any ordinary citizen. It is courts that decide what is damaging and libelous, not a handful of ill informed social media denizens.

The routine use of the charge of homophobia to bully dissenters is not just poor public discourse, it cheapens the charge to irrelevancy. The left's use of demonizing phobia charges is explored in a wonderful blog piece, Liberal Intifada, but either homophobia means something nasty or it means nothing at all. When Brendan O Connor's guest denounced John Waters, Breda OBrien and others at Iona as homophobic, either it was a serious attack or the rant of a fool. The damage done to public debate and to their reputations does not depend on the difference.

Language matters. Free speech matters. If the powerful and well connected can destroy the reputation of those with which the disagree, debate is impossible. Defamation laws exist to protect citizens from destuctive personal attack but also to serve to protect our ability to debate the important issues. Who would debate if the cost was to have one's name becomeing a hissing and a byeword?

 I hope that David Quinn and the small group at Iona pick themselves up after their terrible loss, find the very best legal advice possible and use this as a teaching moment. Civilised debate in Ireland needs that.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Same Sex Marriage, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Rights and Pro-State - What, No One Told You?

Many Libertarians support Same Sex Marriage and they are wrong.

Same Sex marriage is not the State opening marriage up in the simulcrum of a libertarian commonwealth but a concerted state power grab where the state redefines a complex, evolved social institution, then enforces that redefinition coercively to expand its power over all families. 

Marriage is being redefinded not because the nature of the family has changed but because those seeking change either do not understand the purpose of the institution, or worse, are actively hostile to that purpose. They may sound like talking Hallmark cards but their reasons are far from pretty. Modern is not an argument, chanting the date not a reason to fundamentally alter the legal relationship between the state, children and parents nor is opposing Same Sex Marriage either anti-gay or a rejection of the ability of gay people to love and form enduring relationships. A debate about marriage is fundamentally a debate about the legal structure of families and the relationships between parents, children and society. 

Same Sex Marriage strips families of the very fundamental right to exist or generate without the explicit approval of the state and transfers that enormous power to the government. We have become so blind to the fundamentals both of freedom and state that this seems invisible, seems not to be happening.

Family is not just some fractal, quantum of the state's power, family is a competing, often oppositional power structure to the state. This is why totalitarians always aim to take down the family. Totalitarian regimes come to power by destroying law but in power the family is the target, its independence an affront and a danger to the state. 

Families are self-made: we are entitled to select our partner or partners and establish kinship with whom we choose. Heterosexual families create a next generation, they are self perpetuating entities independent of outside consent or interference. The rights parents exercise over children are uncontested because they are the children's uncontested parents and no other claim to rearing or education is greater in a law based society. Only where the fundamental rights of the child are being breached can anyone, always the state now, come between parent and child. Creation of extra, positive rights for children does not, in effect, expand the childs rights, but rather the power of the interfering party: the Children's Rights Amendment to the Irish Constitution, had it been any less anodyne, would have been the State and Social Workers Right amendment. 
Same Sex partners with children are the exact antithesis of that independent self generating entity: they always require an outside force to establish rights since they are NEVER the uncontested natural parents. At best only one of the partners will be such to any of the children involved, leaving a power gap the state is only too willing to fill. Adoption, the extended prostitution of surrogacy, all leave a possibility of contested relationships that must be settled by the state. Cam and Mitchell need the state to vindicate their realtionship with Lily, Claire and Phil's relationship with Haley, Alex and Luke may be approved by the state but does not require such vindication.

This fundamental difference in relationship is what makes Same Sex Marriage a state power grab. By redefining marriage as a degendered, one size fits-all-model the state grants itself effective approval of all familial ties. Libertarians arguing for Same Sex Marriage are merely Lenin's useful idiots, advancing Big Government in the area where its power has always been not just viciously contested but at best vestigal.

Libertarians are drawn to support SSM on the grounds that anyone should be allowed marry anyone they want. This may indeed work fine in  state-less Libertarian Commonwealth where nobody is coerced into recognising, taking part or being governed by the rules of such unions. In a coercive state it is a recipe for enormous state power over all families. 

In science Fiction time travel throws up the usual grandfather pardoxes but also the endles tit-for-tat change wars that respect neither pardoxes nor logic. Similarly radical reform (deform) cannot be unidirectional. The supposition that anyone should be allowed marry anyone also contains within it, by the very nature of its radical re-ordering of the institution, the idea that any number should be allowed marry any number. Only by stripping marriage of meaning can Same Sex Marriage make sense but that sense always requires an extension of state power.

"Don't want a Gay Marriage? Then don't get one!" remains
the facile slogan of the activists but the redefinition of marriage proposed in Same Sex Marriage gives all families a denatured, state dependent set of relationships. It is hard to think of anything less libertarian.

Friday, 20 December 2013

The Fool, The Maoist and The Big Fat Lie

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso is a man of almost ferocious attachment to bad ideas. 
He has made a career of it, from his days as a brutally stupid Maoist to his incompetent, bumbling Presidency of the Imperial Commision but even with his track record it is still astounding to hear this europerv blame Ireland for the troubles of the shoddy, ill thought out and worse regulated euro.

When the incompetent ECB was left in charge of the currency, which was a political football and not an economic means of exchange, the results were always going to be bloody. As it turned out with interest rates designed set to suit Germany ravaged by Kohl's precipitous and impoverishing union with the East, it was the fast growing edges of the Zone, particularly Ireland that got the flensing.

In Febuary 2000 Martin Feldstein, an economist with a hefty and serious track record including a spell as Chair of Reagan's Council of Economic advisors predicted that the low interest rates set by the ECB would result in a disastrous over heating of the fast paced Irish economy (here). No one in the ECB, particularly the wining-and-dining numpty appointed as a compromise President of the silly institution, Jean Claude Trichet, either read the article or took as much as a pfennig's notice. 

As newly cheap money poured into Ireland's loan market and the next-election obsessed Bertie Ahern drove the boom boomier (I paraphrase the former Taoiseach) Irish inflation made interest rates effectively negative: it paid to borrow. With the price of money warped and distorted, risk could no longer be assessed and was ignored. That is always what happens with long-term too-low interest rates.

There was no brakes on the runaway train. As Ireland's borrowings exceeded the nations savings, foreign banks, mostly German, stepped in with banker's heroin: short term paper. By 2006 Irish banks, certain that with no exchange rate issues there was no risk, were taking in €120 BILLION short term euro bonds per year. The ECB, with a duty under the Maastricht Treaty to monitor and control such international capital flows was oblivious. 

The euro created the boom, the euro was its blood, bone and flesh. That boom made the bust. When that bust happened Ireland's Government guaranteed the country's banks, damming every Irish person with the cost of the ECB's failures but saving Germany's banking system. There is a vast, separate exploration of the weekend of 29th September 2008 and the lies told then to be made but the alternative courses, leaving all or some banks to fail must have looked more expensive to Brian Lenihan.

The reaction from the glass tower in Frankfurt? The vicious blackmailing of a sovereign government into paying every last junior bond holder, every gambler, their losses. Rightly the quite and conservative Colm Carthy of Bord Snip fame has repeatedly described the actions of the ECB as being openly hostile to Ireland.

Now Barroso, a man promoted at several 100 levels above his competence (sub-under-toilet cleaner?) has decided to put the boot in. 

Ireland is to blame for the Euro woes.

Ireland caused the the problems for all 17 countries

Irish tax payers MUST continue to pick up the massive tab caused by ECB incompetence because there will be no retrospective funding of the Bank intervention.

In his studied and haughty hostility  euronasty Barroso has done us a massive favour. He has blown away every illusion, every fluffy cloud Kenny and Noonan could puff. Now the naked face of where we are and who is our enemy is clear.

When the Government put money into the banks that money was created by the Irish Central Bank acting as an agent of the ECB. This is called the Emergency Liquidity Assistance. Barroso believes we will keep paying back that now €51 BILLION ELA debt to our Central Bank, who will promptly burn the money to satisfy the ECB's isdeas about inflation and moral hazard. Neither apply. The €51 billion is trivial in comparsion the the Eurozone money measurements, even the tighter M1. Moral hazard should apply to the incompetent ECB, not the Irish people who had NO way of stopping the trainwreck the Euro sponsored.

I have news for José Manuel Barroso.

We are not as stupid as our elected politicians. 
We won't pay because it is not our debt and neither the Imperial Commission nor the ECB have any way of extracting money from a free and determined people. We left a bigger, stronger much better organised empire before and we can do it faster and harder than the europervs can dream.

Thanks for starting the rebellion José!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Free Speech & Offence, Horse and Carriage of Rights

Perils of a Catholic boyhood. As a child I was puzzled by what I thought was the rather risqué compliment offered the Blessed Virgin Mary by the prayer The Divine Praises in the line "....and blessed be St Joseph, her most chaste spouse."

Allow for it was mainly heard, not read and I was even less literate than now, but the fact that the women of Nazereth spent their time hunting and luring St Joseph seemed to be a puzzling tribute to his spouse, her serene holiness and her ability to keep her man. The seven year old me that did not know the difference between "chaste" and " chased" formed a peculiar view of the social life of Roman era Nazereth....

Now that I am older and more knowledgeable, I am not wise enough to even attempt chastity, a virtue to which the Catholic Church holds all believers, gay, straight or confused, are called.
Yesterday University College Galway disbanded a Catholic student society, The Legion Of Mary, for advertising a religious group that works/prays with what they delicately call "people with a same sex attraction" to achieve chastity. Not even conversion to straightness, mass murder or the end of academic bureauracracy, just chastity, standard Catholic teaching.

The A4 posters on College notice boards are deemed to have offended gay people and indeed the college claimed to have received over  seventy complaints ( seventy one?). In a world which elevates offence to secular mortal sin, this was enough for the academic bureaucrats to take action against the LoM which was banned. You don't need to be a chaste Catholic to find this heavy handed censorship disturbing. As a very unchaste, and not often enough chased gay man, I find it intellectually deviant.

Universiities should be in the business of exposing people to ideas ( and vice-versa!), that NUIG is not and believes students need protection from an idea as harmelss as chastity advice should worry any one considering it as a college.

That Free Speech is vital to democracy, to public and intellectual life should not need to be said. Once we decide that offence trumps the right to say (and say includes publish, let's heed Derrida on the privileging of the spoken) that with which someone disagrees, we have decided to limit what may be discussed, thought, or considered. If I am offended by what you say that is my problem, if I can enforce my dislike of your speech by silencing you that is everyone's problem.

That I should be defending free speech for the second time in four months says we have have that problem, Galway.

If free speech does not include the right to offend then it is not free. Freedom only to say the agreed and the uncontentious is not freedom at all. By establishing the right of anybody to silence speech with which they disagree NUIG are creating a campus not, as the academic bureaucrats claim, safe for all students, but dangerous for students, ideas and debate. Banning the Legion of Mary because their poster offended gays means claiming the power of censoring any group or individual whose ideas offend. The gaystabo may be happy now but woe betide the physics department when the Flat Earth society wake up to the power offence gives them.

Of course the Flat Earthers have not the cachet and cool of us gays, and lack the organisational ability to create the outrage necessary to move the bureaucrats to action. Posting the "offensive" poster on Facebook meant complaints came from at least as far as Aberdeen. (fact courtesy of the plaintiff there)

Given that I have had death threats from "LGBT" activists in the last month I find the explanation of the complaints given me  by one ex NUIG student a little ironic : "My concern was that a society shouldn't be making lgbt students feel targeted".  The poster advertised a voluntary activity. Banning such "targeting" because you disagree with the message means waging war on almost any sectorally aimed message. Offence is an open door, not a limited chink in the wall.  

If offence draws retribution then we learn to avoid offence to survive, we think less, say less, hear less because we learn to fear the sucked in breath, the wagged head. Censoring for offence is a charter for bullies not a protection for the powerless. Other Catholic groups in NUIG will now feel that chill wind and will learn circumspection. Many more will learn the power of offence.

The bien pensant despite for Christians is not enormously different from the dislike and abhorrance gays once faced. Gays may not always be cool or on top of the victim heap. When we are not, we would be better served by real freedom than by a corrupt system of offence censorship. NUIG and its students would be much better served by a vibrant, free, market place of ideas than by imposing what must eventually turn into a system of self censorship. The academic bureaucrats have shamed the college and started themselves down a dangerous road. Apologising for drastic, bureaucratic overreach and re-instating the Legion of Mary as a student society would be a good first step back to sanity and freedom.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Of mice and men and the forces that make them

In the miserable place that was the USSR, the government insisted not alone was the country a workers' paradise but that that the paradise was the result of the inevitable, irresistible forces of history and science. ( The fact that some of the Irish politicians who agreed with the small minded thugs then, sit in cabinet now is both there and here.... )

Vindicated by these twin Gods the rulers believed that anyone who disagreed, the wretched dissidents, were not just wrong, but mad. Political dissent was pathologised and dissidents often sent to mental institutions.

Almost twenty years on from the ignominious collapse of the left's great economic experiment they very same tactic of pathologising dissent from a powerful narrative is still being used, unashamedly, by collectivist clowns.

Several times in the last month l have debated the issues surrounding same sex marriage on TV and Radio and, just as the Sovietocracy judged their opponents mad, l have been weighed by the amateur psychologists of Same Sex Marriage and comprehensively found wanting.

Self hating homophobic bigot. Internalised homophobia. Admits to being mentally disturbed. This last canard, used because I have spoken publicly about my struggle to survive depression, is both the most dangerous and revealing: now admitting to depression is a weakness and every weakness is a weapon. Gay people talk of closets, good luck with making depression a closeted illness again: how did those suicide figures work out for y'all?

The truth is that these attacks are merely the admission that the attackers cannot make a case for Same Sex Marriage ( NOT the same thing as there not being a case!) and that their limited, collectivist grasp of human interaction leaves them unable to participate as equals in the debate. Homophobia has a range of meanings but the belief that gay people are mere ciphers in an identity politics parade is rancid homophobia of the lowest reductionist, dehumananising, order. This is no less the case when this collectivist ideology is promoted by homosexuals who pretend to the leadership and representation of gay people than when Stalin saw gays as corrupt, bourgeois
freaks. Uncle Joe shot the homosexuals, I have been offered the same fate by the tolerant, liberal equality merchants.

After Prime Time on RTE tonight I promised friends I would not open twitter until late tomorrow. The promise was exacted by kindness and concern but there is no need for their worry. Good ideas need no thuggery to defend them, no one worth interaction plays the man not the ball. I will not allow bullies their wish to turn me into their mouse.

Using the tactics of the old Soviet politburo may give a some fleeting satisfaction, but it is an admission of failure, of inability, a vote of no confidence in the very proposal they profess to advance. Progressives have arrived but who knew their destination was Moscow circa 1967?

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Windmills make you poor

Poverty kills.

A thousand generations of your ancestors went to their graves worn out by exhaustion, disease, pain, and hunger. Mostly they died in darkness, unable to afford anything

useful to light their passing. Even the richest of them was a pauper by the metric of now. 

You live in a different world, you read these words on a device that would have looked like magic or riches unimaginable to your great grand-parents. We are rich because we live in an unfathomably rich society.  

Yet you never have enough wealth to get everything you want, so you make choices. The same rule of choices and priorities applies to everyone: that's economics.  

Every thing you or buy sends a signal down the market so all purchases you make are part of a vast web of information. This is not anything sinister, it is not high tech snooping, merely the simple fact that what you buy matters to the sellers/producers. They too never have enough wealth either and need to be guided by your purchases.

The information is not private or hidden: enough of us buy gromagging widgets, the price of gromagging widgets goes up. When the price rises some producers will look at getting into gromagging widgets and some consumers will switch to another widget. 

Somewhere somebody will think they have a better solution than old fashioned grommaging widgets and will make an optimistic calculation that new ideas could lead to wealth.

Price tells us to produce, invest or get to hell out of grommaging widgets. Price also attracts and fund entrepreneurs to do something different, to bring an alternatives to market. Only those that offer consumers value will succeed: price makes the consumer king and producers permanently uncomfortable,

Price guides investment, research and production. Constant competition forces down prices, favouring the most efficient producers, others will have to find new stuff to do. Producers are efficient by constant small improvements, all dictated by the need to keep our business, to avoid the ultimate discomfort of failure.

Think of the market as a constant, seething mass of exploration, individuals and companies looking for advantage, delivering goods, services and value and you will have some idea of why you are rich and your ancestors lived in a poor society. 

Value matters: doing more with less frees up resources to do even more, gives us more food, more heat, more light, more of our needs. Value creates wealth. Wealth saves us.

Because wealth works such good on our lives and poverty is a miserable and killing plague, we should protect our ability to produce wealth. When governments, as they always do, find some way to destroy wealth in pursuit of their witch crafts we should fight their murderous intent. 

When government subsidises any business it steals our money to help the friends of what ever polithievans (politician plus thief - an open source word free for use!) are in power. Not so oddly those friends remain consistent: they are always the contributors and lobbyists, companies and individuals who see advantage in politics not in giving us value in the market, political entrepreneurs not market entrepreneurs.

If you see a subsidy you see you and your family being robbed. It doesn't matter how high minded the reasons or how noble the claimed cause: any subsidy to favour an industry is robbery to help someone who cannot complete honestly. 

Windmills are the ultimate example of this form of vicious theft. 

Given a free choice nobody would buy electricity from a windmill. Expensive, irregular and unpredictable wind power is the antithesis of everything electricity needs to be and that's before you consider the bird mashing ugly reality of the the mills. Since we won't buy from these cronies the polithievans will make us: power companies are forced to pay over the odds for wind generated electricity. We pay that cost

The noble cause in this case is saving the earth but the theft from general welfare is exactly the same except on an enormous scale. The visible effect of the forced subsidy is to put up our electricity bills but the invisible effects: the stolen money which is never directed at productive use, the research and development that doesn't happen because the cronies are kept comfortable and insulated, are far more pernicious.

Poverty kills, hypothermia kills. 

People die because of fuel poverty, murdered by high minded polithievans bleeding compassion. Now and the future are impoverished and made more miserable by those polithivans subsidies to windmills. You get a choice every few years, next time make sure it is not a choice for robbery and poverty.

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