Thursday, 20 June 2013

Free the Trade!

Over the next two years, at immense cost and with a carbon footprint to rival Al Gore's, thousands of bureaucrats & hundreds of even more useless politheivans will engage in negotiating a trade deal between the EU and the US. No simile or metaphor I can imagine can do justice to this idiocy.

A DEAL IS NEEDED ONLY BECAUSE THE SELF SAME CROOKS RESTRICT TRADE! I cannot shout it any louder. This deal is a scam piled on a a crime. 

Trade, the decisions of countless consumers with their various needs and values, needs NO politicians or bureaucrats to make it work. Every single decision that is taken out of consumers' hands and placed in the hands of the polibureaucazi is an impoverishing, corrupt restraint of trade.

The polibureaucazi promises to make trade "fair" but free trade is fair by the only metric that counts, the free choices of consumers. Free trade works for the general prosperity but some people, some groups lose the advantage they possessed in a restricted market.  Those groups  fight for advantage not by improving their product but by looking to the polibureaucazi to protect them from consumer's choices. What the crooks mean when they say "fair" is that they will disadvantage the consumer in order to advantage cronies using tariffs, quota restrictions & the coercive might of the state. Helping companies who find the going to tough is a corrupt theft from the pockets of the general public.

Free Trade is cheaper, better and more effective than any bilateral trade deal. Bilateral deals lead to the insane pretence that trade is unrestricted while creating an enormous market in political favours. Your tomatoes not as cheap as the Mexican tomatoes? Complain about "dumping". Your windows getting knocked out by superb product from a Lithuanian joinery? Look to have wood product imports quota restricted. The polibureaucazi are have the power to grant advantage so cronyism grows at the consumers expense. We make a mushroom farm of trade.

This system of regulated trade robs us of all the benefits of free trade. Instead of forcing the re-allocation of resources to the best producers, the system favours bad producers with political clout. The wonderful, positive disruptive force of free trade is is chained and negated. 

Little work has been done on examining corrupt trade in the EU but the American journalist James Bovard has produced a searing, damming book "The Fair Trade Fraud" and followed it up with a series of articles since publication. He reveals that not alone is the system of government regulated trade regulated by political corruption but that the regulations on quotas and tariffs are secret so that neither US citizens nor foreign producers may  know how product prices are manipulated. 

Brussels has produced no Bovard but have we any reason to believe that the EU is cleaner on trade than the US? Now these two corrupt behemoths propose spending vast money negotiating a corrupt bilateral agreement that continues the cronyism of corrupt trade.

Free trade is the greatest weapon for prosperity and poverty reduction. It is a crime against all of us, particularly the worlds poor, to restrict trade. On this crime the powerful and corrupt now want to build a bilateral scam. We need to stand up to the polibureaucazi and demand it takes its foot off our neck and its hands out of our pockets. Set the the consumer free!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rights, Slavery & Polithievans

No one should need reminding of the horrors of slavery. 

From the basic theft of peoples labour and wages to the destruction of their personal lives and families, slavery was a egregious evil which no reasonable person could do anything but condemn. Comparing any other wrong to slavery risks ruining ones argument with an over-baked and under-whelming simile. For instance Gays have not suffered anything like race slavery no matter how hard the hysterical gaystabo laboriously try to asterisk "faggot" as a signal of its horror. What is achieved by such efforts is to display a severe lack of comprehension of real evil.

Yet slavery, neither race based nor yet total, is central to the generosity & kindness of many well intentioned but thoughtless people.

In their idleness politicians of a certain ilk constantly dream of establishing new rights. This exhibits their faux compassion for voters & matches with the established meme that a feast of happpiness exists for the plucking if only we could remove the constraints, not on wealth production, but on the achievement of such happiness. Cockaigne lies within our grasp if only the vicous & greedy fools would let us take it.

In this paradigm all is necessary for prosperity, feasts & general happiness is that politicians should declare it to be so. Simply by waving their magic wand EU at health care and declaring a positive right to access, politicians can improve health care. That access to health care irregardless of ability to pay sounds wonderful when the EU writes it into a Patients Charter but the reality is SOMEONE must pay.

For every patient treated doctors, nurses must get paid, hospitals must be built, equipped & maintained. That wealth MUST come from somebody's work. The positive right to access, like all positive rights, enslaves others in the economy, steals their labour. In it's defence such slavery is at least non-discriminatory: it happens to all citizens who work & produce irregadless of their race or sex. 

When a politician or vampire-known-as-activist says that there must be a right to housing, food, healthcare or any other good or service what the translation of that statement is that the speaker is entitled to your labour, for free, for their own ends. They propose an endless form of temporary slavery. They are thieves od labour & effort.
I name such political looters "polithievans". The word is not copywrited, consider it open source and usable. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Email to the President of Boston College

Dear Fr. Leahy,

I am told you subscribe to modern and fashionable liberal beliefs and appealing to you through an email is a waste of my time and your computers processor but I cannot believe that an appeal by even a poor Catholic to a disciple of Loyola would go unread and  unconsidered however rigid his views or great his ambition. 

You are ambitious and it is a noble ambition.
To make the college you govern the greatest University of your order and the Church, "the leading Catholic University" in your own words, is both heroic & inspired. Such ambition would be meaningless in a man without the gifts to make that dream a reality, you have in the last seventeen years demonstrated you possess in abundantly the talents to realise those aspirations.

It is on your ambitions and your gifts I rest the hope of this appeal, the hope that we will not be betrayed by a Member of Loyola’s troops possessing both. 

Here, in Ireland, we are engaged in a bitter battle to protect not just unborn life but the very meaning of the right to life. In our last election we had a choice to balance two parties who would form the next government. Pro-life voters put their trust in Enda Kenny's Fine Gael when he declared "Fine Gael  is a pro-life party". Mr Kenny has not just broken that promise but now is using party whip to introduce abortion right up to delivery in some circumstances. Pro-lifers of all faiths and none are understandably horrified both by the legislation and Mr Kenny's betrayal of our trust. Catholics are horrified by Boston's College's decision to honour Mr Kenny at a time his Government is introducing such legislation.

I do not ask you to get involved in Irish politics: you have neither role nor profit there. As a Catholic and an admirer of your achievements I ask you not to hand Enda Kenny and his adherents a huge propaganda victory in this fight. Having Mr Kenny address your students will be used as an endorsement of his policy, confirmation of his rectitude, and acknowledgement that this legislation was, as he has claimed, pro-life.  

Boston College has achieved extraordinary success in every sphere under your guidance. The college is well on its way to becoming that powerhouse of Catholic intellectual life to which you have committed it. Doubly honouring Mr Kenny with a commencement address and an honorary doctorate would not just be a mean, gratuitous blow to Irish Catholics and pro-life voters but an unalterable stain on the reputation of your college. After this Boston College may go on to be the biggest university run by the Society of Jesus but the quality the achievement will have been permanently hollowed by this mistake, in reality the college will neither be truly Catholic nor a beacon. 

Circumstances over which you have neither control nor say have placed Boston College at the eye of this small storm. I am asking you not alone not to betray Irish pro-life campaigners and voters but not to betray your deepest ambitions for Boston College. Aside from being the land of your remote ancestors, we in Ireland have no claim on your decisions but you have devoted your life and energy to Boston College ad maiorem Dei gloriam. It would be a terrible personal tragedy for yourself, your college and your Order to betray that devotion by honouring a man who so slyly introduced the murder of the unborn to his country. 

Boston College and its President have a decision to make. I do not and cannot believe you will betray the college, your dreams or brothers in faith in making your decision.  

I am Sincerely,

Paddy Manning

(Fr Leahy's email adresss is  & encouraging him to do the right thing by not honouring Enda Kenny is a very good idea) 

Monday, 29 April 2013

Farming, A Business not a Government sponsored life style....

There is a near masochistic pleasure in listening to the General Secretary of the IFA, Pat Smith, wittering on economic issues. It's not Smith's fault that he dances so deliciously with the sort of mental dissonance which could be weaponised & used as a Sheldon Cooper Exploding Brain Ray, rather this is the daft job he does for the Irish Farmers Association. 

(Let me take my skin out of game. I was one of the countries least able farmers & could not make a living at it even by borrowing very large amounts of money. Now I'm a direct beneficiary of the IFA's rent seeking.)

On Thursday night Smith was part of a three person panel at a Leviathan Discussion concerning the EU in Kilkenny. Neither Junior Minister Lucinda Creighton nor billionaire businessman Declan Ganly showed any interest in countering Smiths more egregious offences against sense, either because they did not take him seriously or because upsetting the declining farming lobby is still taboo. No one pointed out that he was a lobbyist for the state's most subsidised & protected industry. 

"People don't understand how dangerous free trade could be," began one typical interjection, "It's all right if you gain 3 jobs but what if you lose 500 and that happens.You can have to much free trade, free trade needs to be controlled"

This is nonsense. 
Worse it is impoverishing nonsense. 
Free trade improves makes all of us prosperous.
Free Trade is dangerous only to those who do not produce efficiently or satisfactorily for us consumers. The law of comparative advantage, the notion that  free trade works even if one trade partner holds absolute advantage in everything produced, means that free trade makes everybody richer by forcing business to produce what they do best. Price signals tell us where that advantage lies. Free trade forces business to up its game or get off the pitch & let others play with the ball.

The benefits form a virtuous circle: resources are better utilised, total production increases, making that production cheaper & these efficiencies allow the creation of more wealth, resources & trade.

Production of complex goods requires multiple of multiples of trades so the useful effects of free trade multiply & propagate throughout the economy making everything from ipads to cars more available.

There can't be too much free trade: the  benefits accrue from the all-for-nothing nature of the competition forcing resource re-allocation. Controlling free trade is a merely a form of corruption as business seek advantage from politicians and protection from consumers choices.

Therein lieth the problem. Farming is a business not a sacramental national duty. Even if free trade lead us to move completely away from food production that would only happen because we can do other things better. We have no religious duty to farming or farmers. 

When Pat Smith witters about economics he & the audience should be reminded that he speaks for a subsidised lobby group that costs EU consumers over €100billion  between CAP  subsidies & protected higher prices. He should be challenged & made justify every piece of anti-prosperity mercantilism he spouts, from arguing for protection based on Japan's insane rice farmer fetish, to pretending controlled free trade is real. 

We need to stop being masochists. Let's treat ourselves to some vanilla prosperity.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The End of Gays?

Gays won't need to be cured after all. In an article in a peer reviewed scientific journal Dr Abra B'Cadabera of University of Columbia has announced the discovery of both a group of genes & genetic markers which collectively predispose males to homosexuality AND a near fully commercialised, patent protected test with a 98.3%
accuracy in predicting male homosexuality. 

"This complex gene/marker interaction is neither unique in its chemical nature nor random in its final outcome thus making test development both easier & more resistant to random outlier failure" wrote Dr B'Cadabera whose company, HeteroGenome is attracting massive funding and interest. Female homosexuality is not precisely predicted by the test but Dr B'Cadabera predicts that HeteroGenome will have fully accurate Lesbian test withing 12 months.

Since the test is equally effective as a pre-natal screen as early as 6 weeks gestation, the potential market for HeteroGenomes product is enormous. Early estimates are that  sales could top $8billion p/a in short order with at least 80% of potential male homosexuals aborted.

These figures have drawn the ire of gay activists. SF Gay Pride has barred Dr B'Cadabera from attending the festival.
"Dr A. is about to profit from the mass slaughter of gay babies, she is worse than the Taliban or the Nazis in promoting a Gay Holocaust" a festival spokesperson said. 

The anti-test lobby is growing rapidly, PAQT (prounced "pact") People Against Queer Testing states it is pro-choice but anti-queer selction. The group is promoting a boycott of any company funding HeteroGenome or doing business with the Eight Avenue based company.

This has placed many liberal & gay-friendly clinics in an invidious position. Speaking under condition of not being named one Californian physician managing a very large medical clinic chain said 
"Having a gay child is tough for even the most accepting family. The thought that your lovely child will face rejection & bullying by Neanderthals is very tough for parents. Add to that the suffering any gay man will endure just for being different & you can understand why women would choose to terminate. PAQT's efforts just hurt caring mothers making what they see as the best choice for their family"

Pro-choice TV Evangelist Tammy Faye Falwell is an outspoken supporter of HeteroGenome. In a Sunday broadcast she described gays as the Devil's children & said that God had inspired Dr B'Cadabera to rid the world of homosexuals. Westboro Baptist church have also welcomed the development.
"If this works America could be free of faggots & we wouldn't have to picket no more" was the response from a church elder.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hating Sense

Like a herd of half rotted zombies spotting some some living flesh, the unreflexive Irish left set about moaning, mumbling & grunting this week in defence of a  government
funded website that advised teens to get involved in threesomes to spice up their sex lives. It seems that such advice is, when given by a government funded boondoggle, automatically good. 

Exactly why Government should rob the productive sector of the economy of €124,000 to give to website aimed at the most net literate demographic is an unaskable question. Public robbery is always a good thing for the Zombie Left and anything that undermines families & parents at the same time is doubleplus good.

Always counterfactual helps to put these issues in context. Imagine if the Iona Institute advised teens to experiment with threesomes as a a means of sexual excitement? You can hear the howling outrage from the same people who defended the sordid as they denounce both the site & the advice. Everything from STDs to emotionial damge would be pointed out as the fruits of such a poisoned tree.

Anyone can give what bad advice they like on the net, a wonderful anarchic combination of Speakers Corner & the World Fair. The issue is not that spunout gave rotten advice (it did) but that we were all forced to fund the giving of that rotten advice as a government service to the vulnerable. 

All the hypocrites defending rotten advice on our dime have achieved is to reveal their deep, nauseating hypocrisy. Either they believe robbing us to give teens worse advice than Cosmo might do, is fine, or they will defend any Government funded boondoggle that undermines families. Either way we know they act, not in teens interests, but out of shocking malice and hatred.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Yoking Slogans

There is a joke about a prisoner who on his first night in gaol hears his fellow inmates calling numbers.
"148" is followed by guffaws. "51" gets rollicking laughter.
He asks his cellmate what is going on and is informed that jokes are retold so often that jokes are numbered for ease of telling.
"29" he calls.Silence.
"44".Deeper silence.
In desperation "148".More deep, embarrassing silence. 
"Mate, it's the way you tell them" says his cellmate sadly.

Language gets reduced to a point that it becomes indistinguishable from numbered bells evoking a Pavlovian response, lacking either meaning or subtlety. Such a reduced language can neither serve to convey or allow thought or debate. 

It was Dr Johnson who described the metaphysical poetry as "heterogeneous ideas yoked together by violence". Yoking together words in a binary to create a slogan posing as a truth or an argument has become the prime methodology of the populist left.

This gives us such implacable nonsenses as "climate justice" and "social justice", where the inarguable virtue of justice is yoked to favoured fashionable term to create a the needed slogan which has no meaning other than that ascribed to it by the user, judgement implicit in language. A similar and even more pernicious binary yoking is "marriage equality" where the progressives sacred word is used to create a a slogan out of marriage.

'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.' That was in "Alice Through The Looking Glass". Invented terms allows for the Humpty Dumptyisation of language, its reduction to a set of value judgements. Rather than a means of communication, this process is designed to strip language of an ability to communicate complexity, ambiguity or real meaning, to short circuit debate by reducing language to the prisoners joke log.

We should contest every term, dispute every assumption, allow nothing to be built in to language. If language is reduced to a list then we won't lose the argument, there will be no argument to lose.

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