Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Email to the President of Boston College

Dear Fr. Leahy,

I am told you subscribe to modern and fashionable liberal beliefs and appealing to you through an email is a waste of my time and your computers processor but I cannot believe that an appeal by even a poor Catholic to a disciple of Loyola would go unread and  unconsidered however rigid his views or great his ambition. 

You are ambitious and it is a noble ambition.
To make the college you govern the greatest University of your order and the Church, "the leading Catholic University" in your own words, is both heroic & inspired. Such ambition would be meaningless in a man without the gifts to make that dream a reality, you have in the last seventeen years demonstrated you possess in abundantly the talents to realise those aspirations.

It is on your ambitions and your gifts I rest the hope of this appeal, the hope that we will not be betrayed by a Member of Loyola’s troops possessing both. 

Here, in Ireland, we are engaged in a bitter battle to protect not just unborn life but the very meaning of the right to life. In our last election we had a choice to balance two parties who would form the next government. Pro-life voters put their trust in Enda Kenny's Fine Gael when he declared "Fine Gael  is a pro-life party". Mr Kenny has not just broken that promise but now is using party whip to introduce abortion right up to delivery in some circumstances. Pro-lifers of all faiths and none are understandably horrified both by the legislation and Mr Kenny's betrayal of our trust. Catholics are horrified by Boston's College's decision to honour Mr Kenny at a time his Government is introducing such legislation.

I do not ask you to get involved in Irish politics: you have neither role nor profit there. As a Catholic and an admirer of your achievements I ask you not to hand Enda Kenny and his adherents a huge propaganda victory in this fight. Having Mr Kenny address your students will be used as an endorsement of his policy, confirmation of his rectitude, and acknowledgement that this legislation was, as he has claimed, pro-life.  

Boston College has achieved extraordinary success in every sphere under your guidance. The college is well on its way to becoming that powerhouse of Catholic intellectual life to which you have committed it. Doubly honouring Mr Kenny with a commencement address and an honorary doctorate would not just be a mean, gratuitous blow to Irish Catholics and pro-life voters but an unalterable stain on the reputation of your college. After this Boston College may go on to be the biggest university run by the Society of Jesus but the quality the achievement will have been permanently hollowed by this mistake, in reality the college will neither be truly Catholic nor a beacon. 

Circumstances over which you have neither control nor say have placed Boston College at the eye of this small storm. I am asking you not alone not to betray Irish pro-life campaigners and voters but not to betray your deepest ambitions for Boston College. Aside from being the land of your remote ancestors, we in Ireland have no claim on your decisions but you have devoted your life and energy to Boston College ad maiorem Dei gloriam. It would be a terrible personal tragedy for yourself, your college and your Order to betray that devotion by honouring a man who so slyly introduced the murder of the unborn to his country. 

Boston College and its President have a decision to make. I do not and cannot believe you will betray the college, your dreams or brothers in faith in making your decision.  

I am Sincerely,

Paddy Manning

(Fr Leahy's email adresss is William.Leahy.1@bc.edu  & encouraging him to do the right thing by not honouring Enda Kenny is a very good idea) 

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