Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Windmills make you poor

Poverty kills.

A thousand generations of your ancestors went to their graves worn out by exhaustion, disease, pain, and hunger. Mostly they died in darkness, unable to afford anything

useful to light their passing. Even the richest of them was a pauper by the metric of now. 

You live in a different world, you read these words on a device that would have looked like magic or riches unimaginable to your great grand-parents. We are rich because we live in an unfathomably rich society.  

Yet you never have enough wealth to get everything you want, so you make choices. The same rule of choices and priorities applies to everyone: that's economics.  

Every thing you or buy sends a signal down the market so all purchases you make are part of a vast web of information. This is not anything sinister, it is not high tech snooping, merely the simple fact that what you buy matters to the sellers/producers. They too never have enough wealth either and need to be guided by your purchases.

The information is not private or hidden: enough of us buy gromagging widgets, the price of gromagging widgets goes up. When the price rises some producers will look at getting into gromagging widgets and some consumers will switch to another widget. 

Somewhere somebody will think they have a better solution than old fashioned grommaging widgets and will make an optimistic calculation that new ideas could lead to wealth.

Price tells us to produce, invest or get to hell out of grommaging widgets. Price also attracts and fund entrepreneurs to do something different, to bring an alternatives to market. Only those that offer consumers value will succeed: price makes the consumer king and producers permanently uncomfortable,

Price guides investment, research and production. Constant competition forces down prices, favouring the most efficient producers, others will have to find new stuff to do. Producers are efficient by constant small improvements, all dictated by the need to keep our business, to avoid the ultimate discomfort of failure.

Think of the market as a constant, seething mass of exploration, individuals and companies looking for advantage, delivering goods, services and value and you will have some idea of why you are rich and your ancestors lived in a poor society. 

Value matters: doing more with less frees up resources to do even more, gives us more food, more heat, more light, more of our needs. Value creates wealth. Wealth saves us.

Because wealth works such good on our lives and poverty is a miserable and killing plague, we should protect our ability to produce wealth. When governments, as they always do, find some way to destroy wealth in pursuit of their witch crafts we should fight their murderous intent. 

When government subsidises any business it steals our money to help the friends of what ever polithievans (politician plus thief - an open source word free for use!) are in power. Not so oddly those friends remain consistent: they are always the contributors and lobbyists, companies and individuals who see advantage in politics not in giving us value in the market, political entrepreneurs not market entrepreneurs.

If you see a subsidy you see you and your family being robbed. It doesn't matter how high minded the reasons or how noble the claimed cause: any subsidy to favour an industry is robbery to help someone who cannot complete honestly. 

Windmills are the ultimate example of this form of vicious theft. 

Given a free choice nobody would buy electricity from a windmill. Expensive, irregular and unpredictable wind power is the antithesis of everything electricity needs to be and that's before you consider the bird mashing ugly reality of the the mills. Since we won't buy from these cronies the polithievans will make us: power companies are forced to pay over the odds for wind generated electricity. We pay that cost

The noble cause in this case is saving the earth but the theft from general welfare is exactly the same except on an enormous scale. The visible effect of the forced subsidy is to put up our electricity bills but the invisible effects: the stolen money which is never directed at productive use, the research and development that doesn't happen because the cronies are kept comfortable and insulated, are far more pernicious.

Poverty kills, hypothermia kills. 

People die because of fuel poverty, murdered by high minded polithievans bleeding compassion. Now and the future are impoverished and made more miserable by those polithivans subsidies to windmills. You get a choice every few years, next time make sure it is not a choice for robbery and poverty.

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