Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Of mice and men and the forces that make them

In the miserable place that was the USSR, the government insisted not alone was the country a workers' paradise but that that the paradise was the result of the inevitable, irresistible forces of history and science. ( The fact that some of the Irish politicians who agreed with the small minded thugs then, sit in cabinet now is both there and here.... )

Vindicated by these twin Gods the rulers believed that anyone who disagreed, the wretched dissidents, were not just wrong, but mad. Political dissent was pathologised and dissidents often sent to mental institutions.

Almost twenty years on from the ignominious collapse of the left's great economic experiment they very same tactic of pathologising dissent from a powerful narrative is still being used, unashamedly, by collectivist clowns.

Several times in the last month l have debated the issues surrounding same sex marriage on TV and Radio and, just as the Sovietocracy judged their opponents mad, l have been weighed by the amateur psychologists of Same Sex Marriage and comprehensively found wanting.

Self hating homophobic bigot. Internalised homophobia. Admits to being mentally disturbed. This last canard, used because I have spoken publicly about my struggle to survive depression, is both the most dangerous and revealing: now admitting to depression is a weakness and every weakness is a weapon. Gay people talk of closets, good luck with making depression a closeted illness again: how did those suicide figures work out for y'all?

The truth is that these attacks are merely the admission that the attackers cannot make a case for Same Sex Marriage ( NOT the same thing as there not being a case!) and that their limited, collectivist grasp of human interaction leaves them unable to participate as equals in the debate. Homophobia has a range of meanings but the belief that gay people are mere ciphers in an identity politics parade is rancid homophobia of the lowest reductionist, dehumananising, order. This is no less the case when this collectivist ideology is promoted by homosexuals who pretend to the leadership and representation of gay people than when Stalin saw gays as corrupt, bourgeois
freaks. Uncle Joe shot the homosexuals, I have been offered the same fate by the tolerant, liberal equality merchants.

After Prime Time on RTE tonight I promised friends I would not open twitter until late tomorrow. The promise was exacted by kindness and concern but there is no need for their worry. Good ideas need no thuggery to defend them, no one worth interaction plays the man not the ball. I will not allow bullies their wish to turn me into their mouse.

Using the tactics of the old Soviet politburo may give a some fleeting satisfaction, but it is an admission of failure, of inability, a vote of no confidence in the very proposal they profess to advance. Progressives have arrived but who knew their destination was Moscow circa 1967?

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