Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rights, Slavery & Polithievans

No one should need reminding of the horrors of slavery. 

From the basic theft of peoples labour and wages to the destruction of their personal lives and families, slavery was a egregious evil which no reasonable person could do anything but condemn. Comparing any other wrong to slavery risks ruining ones argument with an over-baked and under-whelming simile. For instance Gays have not suffered anything like race slavery no matter how hard the hysterical gaystabo laboriously try to asterisk "faggot" as a signal of its horror. What is achieved by such efforts is to display a severe lack of comprehension of real evil.

Yet slavery, neither race based nor yet total, is central to the generosity & kindness of many well intentioned but thoughtless people.

In their idleness politicians of a certain ilk constantly dream of establishing new rights. This exhibits their faux compassion for voters & matches with the established meme that a feast of happpiness exists for the plucking if only we could remove the constraints, not on wealth production, but on the achievement of such happiness. Cockaigne lies within our grasp if only the vicous & greedy fools would let us take it.

In this paradigm all is necessary for prosperity, feasts & general happiness is that politicians should declare it to be so. Simply by waving their magic wand EU at health care and declaring a positive right to access, politicians can improve health care. That access to health care irregardless of ability to pay sounds wonderful when the EU writes it into a Patients Charter but the reality is SOMEONE must pay.

For every patient treated doctors, nurses must get paid, hospitals must be built, equipped & maintained. That wealth MUST come from somebody's work. The positive right to access, like all positive rights, enslaves others in the economy, steals their labour. In it's defence such slavery is at least non-discriminatory: it happens to all citizens who work & produce irregadless of their race or sex. 

When a politician or vampire-known-as-activist says that there must be a right to housing, food, healthcare or any other good or service what the translation of that statement is that the speaker is entitled to your labour, for free, for their own ends. They propose an endless form of temporary slavery. They are thieves od labour & effort.
I name such political looters "polithievans". The word is not copywrited, consider it open source and usable. 

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