Thursday, 20 June 2013

Free the Trade!

Over the next two years, at immense cost and with a carbon footprint to rival Al Gore's, thousands of bureaucrats & hundreds of even more useless politheivans will engage in negotiating a trade deal between the EU and the US. No simile or metaphor I can imagine can do justice to this idiocy.

A DEAL IS NEEDED ONLY BECAUSE THE SELF SAME CROOKS RESTRICT TRADE! I cannot shout it any louder. This deal is a scam piled on a a crime. 

Trade, the decisions of countless consumers with their various needs and values, needs NO politicians or bureaucrats to make it work. Every single decision that is taken out of consumers' hands and placed in the hands of the polibureaucazi is an impoverishing, corrupt restraint of trade.

The polibureaucazi promises to make trade "fair" but free trade is fair by the only metric that counts, the free choices of consumers. Free trade works for the general prosperity but some people, some groups lose the advantage they possessed in a restricted market.  Those groups  fight for advantage not by improving their product but by looking to the polibureaucazi to protect them from consumer's choices. What the crooks mean when they say "fair" is that they will disadvantage the consumer in order to advantage cronies using tariffs, quota restrictions & the coercive might of the state. Helping companies who find the going to tough is a corrupt theft from the pockets of the general public.

Free Trade is cheaper, better and more effective than any bilateral trade deal. Bilateral deals lead to the insane pretence that trade is unrestricted while creating an enormous market in political favours. Your tomatoes not as cheap as the Mexican tomatoes? Complain about "dumping". Your windows getting knocked out by superb product from a Lithuanian joinery? Look to have wood product imports quota restricted. The polibureaucazi are have the power to grant advantage so cronyism grows at the consumers expense. We make a mushroom farm of trade.

This system of regulated trade robs us of all the benefits of free trade. Instead of forcing the re-allocation of resources to the best producers, the system favours bad producers with political clout. The wonderful, positive disruptive force of free trade is is chained and negated. 

Little work has been done on examining corrupt trade in the EU but the American journalist James Bovard has produced a searing, damming book "The Fair Trade Fraud" and followed it up with a series of articles since publication. He reveals that not alone is the system of government regulated trade regulated by political corruption but that the regulations on quotas and tariffs are secret so that neither US citizens nor foreign producers may  know how product prices are manipulated. 

Brussels has produced no Bovard but have we any reason to believe that the EU is cleaner on trade than the US? Now these two corrupt behemoths propose spending vast money negotiating a corrupt bilateral agreement that continues the cronyism of corrupt trade.

Free trade is the greatest weapon for prosperity and poverty reduction. It is a crime against all of us, particularly the worlds poor, to restrict trade. On this crime the powerful and corrupt now want to build a bilateral scam. We need to stand up to the polibureaucazi and demand it takes its foot off our neck and its hands out of our pockets. Set the the consumer free!

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