Sunday, 28 April 2013

The End of Gays?

Gays won't need to be cured after all. In an article in a peer reviewed scientific journal Dr Abra B'Cadabera of University of Columbia has announced the discovery of both a group of genes & genetic markers which collectively predispose males to homosexuality AND a near fully commercialised, patent protected test with a 98.3%
accuracy in predicting male homosexuality. 

"This complex gene/marker interaction is neither unique in its chemical nature nor random in its final outcome thus making test development both easier & more resistant to random outlier failure" wrote Dr B'Cadabera whose company, HeteroGenome is attracting massive funding and interest. Female homosexuality is not precisely predicted by the test but Dr B'Cadabera predicts that HeteroGenome will have fully accurate Lesbian test withing 12 months.

Since the test is equally effective as a pre-natal screen as early as 6 weeks gestation, the potential market for HeteroGenomes product is enormous. Early estimates are that  sales could top $8billion p/a in short order with at least 80% of potential male homosexuals aborted.

These figures have drawn the ire of gay activists. SF Gay Pride has barred Dr B'Cadabera from attending the festival.
"Dr A. is about to profit from the mass slaughter of gay babies, she is worse than the Taliban or the Nazis in promoting a Gay Holocaust" a festival spokesperson said. 

The anti-test lobby is growing rapidly, PAQT (prounced "pact") People Against Queer Testing states it is pro-choice but anti-queer selction. The group is promoting a boycott of any company funding HeteroGenome or doing business with the Eight Avenue based company.

This has placed many liberal & gay-friendly clinics in an invidious position. Speaking under condition of not being named one Californian physician managing a very large medical clinic chain said 
"Having a gay child is tough for even the most accepting family. The thought that your lovely child will face rejection & bullying by Neanderthals is very tough for parents. Add to that the suffering any gay man will endure just for being different & you can understand why women would choose to terminate. PAQT's efforts just hurt caring mothers making what they see as the best choice for their family"

Pro-choice TV Evangelist Tammy Faye Falwell is an outspoken supporter of HeteroGenome. In a Sunday broadcast she described gays as the Devil's children & said that God had inspired Dr B'Cadabera to rid the world of homosexuals. Westboro Baptist church have also welcomed the development.
"If this works America could be free of faggots & we wouldn't have to picket no more" was the response from a church elder.

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