Monday, 11 March 2013

Windfarming for Poverty

Pat Rabbitte, the grandly titled Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, was defending Wind Farms vigourously last week. There are few bad ideas floating around in politics and economics that Mr Rabbitte has not held, so his attachment to the new secular faith of AGW is no surprise.

Wind farms don't make wealth, they consume and destroy it. The bird-blitzing noise makers gobble more energy in their manufacture and construction than they ever return and only exist because Government forces the rest of us to buy the electricity they intermittently produce, at a premium paid in the so called Public Service Obligation on our electricity bill. If wind was a viable,economic source of power NO subsidy or purchase mandate would be necessary.

Big, established, power companies like ESB (and its vested interest unions) love the subsidy because it puts a floor under the existing price of electricity, preventing small, nimble competitors gaining a foot hold in the market. Windmills don't just blitz birds, they blitz proper capitalist competition too.

Every Wind Farm repesents a real drain of all our wealth, a transfer to rich crony capitalists that makes us poorer. Wind Farms steal money in the name of Ecolgical Purity,diminishing our choices and opportunities.

Wind Farmers are rent seekers, not creators of value or wealth. Government forces us to subsidise these crony capitalists and Rabbitte adds to the injury by lying to us on our dollar. We are entitled to by or electricity as cheaply as we can and we are entitled to ministers that care about our interests ahead of new fangled religions and crony capitalists.

By 2020 we are to be forced to by 16% of all electricity from wind farms, more EU stupidity.  Well I might paraphrase Ronald Reagan; "Standing before their electricity bill, every man is a victim, separated from his fellow men. Every man is forced to look upon a scar. General Secretary Rabbitte, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Ireland and  Europe, if you seek liberalisation: Come here to this gate! Mr. Rabbitte, open this market! Mr. Rabbitte, tear down the Public Service Obligation!"  

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