Sunday, 22 January 2012

Our Web Freedom terrifies Rabbitte

What  treasure trove of delights this Government has turned out to be.
Granted the Taoiseach is sober in public, a huge & welcome improvement and of course,  by comparison with the last lot, demented monkeys would look like statesmen.

But the treasures FG/Labour bring, the treasures!

We've had the confiscation of savings under the rule that all your money belongs to the government any money the government leaves you after tax may be taken later, the attacks on both religious & private education by mass-murderer supporter Ruari Mao Tzi Quinn, and now Pat Rabbittes announces a household "broadcasting charge".

It seems that not alone are we reluctant to pay the RTE Tax, there are some recalcitrant citizens who may legally avoid it by not even owning a television. These revanchist running dogs of personal independence & freedom actually use the internet for news & entertainment, by passing the proper & approved state channel.We tut with horror at their irresponsible individualism...

There is NO reason to give further money to Government for broadcasting: as it is the RTE Tax is utterly without justification. The idea that we must pay a fee to the Government to ensure our screens light up is as antiquated as the idea that government does just about anything well. We are bombarded with content, entertainment & news coming to us in all sorts of ways. The RTE Tax/License fee serves only to grossly distort competition & feather bed luvvies & restrictive practices in the highly unionised Donnybrook.

The plea for the survival of that unicorn, Public Service Broadcasting will be made.

Mr Rabbite's version of "Public Service Broadcasting" means whatever the Minister, some ideologue party hacks & a few over-paid luvvies decide. Real Public Service broadcasting is what people voluntarily purchase or watch themselves. Netflix spelled doom for state broadcasting. Now the net makes us all independent of luvvie-controled TV: it is a free, free market thanks to the anarchy of the web. Attempting to force citizens to pay for something they do not want & will not use is coercive bullying worthy of a state run by Chavez or Mugabe...but Mr Rabbite probably takes that as a compliment.

For the likes of Rabbitte, wedded to  model of broadcasting (and a model of the world) where Government is the provider, the good guy, the white hat AND the town mayor this anarchy is repulsive &  frightening.
I hope the Government are stupid enough to bring in this charge: the outcome will most likely be a public re-valuation of the RTE Tax/License Fee. Such public evaluation may well lead to an outcome far from the Minister & the luvvies wishes: an all out revolt against the tax.

 It would be very difficult to jail 1.5 million people.

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