Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Baby Killing & Real Stupidity

Opposition to abortion is a moral position & moral positions, to be defensible in public discourse must be consistent & fully thought out. It’s not that consistent fully thought out positions will make converts or persuade opponents but they will save you from the exposure as a clown with nothing to offer but damage to the causes you espouse that has been the fate of US Senate candidate Todd Akin. Mr Akin managed, in a single interview, to reveal his own ridiculously poorly thought out views on abortion & to hand the US Democrats a drum to beat, something they badly need as Obama’s poll figures continue to head south. "Thank you Todd Akin" crowed one site "The candidate exposed his party's misogyny, and the swift backlash is reason for defenders of women to celebrate". In the upturned looking-glass universe of the Democratic Party, abortion is a defence of women & opposing mass sacramental killing is misogynistic ignorance. Thank you indeed Todd Akin.

Struggling to justify NOT murdering a baby conceived in rape, Akin went down a rabbit-hole of distinguishing “legitimate rape” & an imagined biology where a woman’s body would reject  pregnancy in such a circumstance. Akins remarks were utterly horrible: he was articulating an utterly untrue & very vicious piece of nonsense. Does he believe that no crime has been committed (legitimate rape?) if a child is conceived? Has this idiot any idea how repulsive that notion is? How satanically cruel to women who have been raped & become pregnant?

Akins has apologised, as well he might, but the apology may have more to do with his substantial lead being put in jeopardy than with any real contrition or understanding. Real contrition, real comprehension of how evil his stupid remarks were & the damage he has done to the pro-life cause would have meant immediately resigning from the ticket. 

Akin was asked a simple question. Any logical opponent of abortion must have answered that question for themselves. Akin, in so much as he had thought about it at all, had certainly never devoted the kind of serious though & discussion one would expect automatic from a man intending to be an elected representative. Missouri Republicans must have better to offer voters than a man too stupid or intellectually lazy to have worked out a viable, articulate position on a major issue? Any local pro-life group would have gladly, freely briefed him so there is also a question of just how unprofessional a campaign was Akin running?

Rape can & does result in pregnancy, among its consequences for the victims. That means an innocent third party, an infant, is now exists. Logical opposition to abortion demands we vindicate that child’s right to life. This is a difficult & for many, horrible & repugnant idea. The alternative is that opposition to abortion is a mere position, not based on any firm philosophical grounds, but on the Yeuch factor: we don’t like it much so we only allow a little baby killing. That kind of shallow reasoning produces the nonsense that Akin spouted or assent to abortion. Recognition that some moral positions are tough & that there are no pain free choices is central to a discourse on abortion. Inability to deal with tough choices & a desire to pretend they don’t exist are the prerogatives of fools.

Until we regard unborn babies as human & not as some nasty STD, we will continue create a culture where unborn children are viewed as legitimate targets for the most horrific deaths imposed on any living creature. While that culture continues the left will continue broadcasting the evil nonsense that abortion is good for women.

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