Monday, 23 July 2012

Quota Sows: Making Women Second Rate Canditates

Last week the Oireachtais in it's wisdom made every female candidate for a political party a second rater & the politicians did this in the firm belief they were "helping" women. With friends like that ...

There has been a bubbling background complaint culture that women were "under-represented" in the Dáil, a view of representation that divides humans into warring classes & insists that any difference on an outcome metric is obviously the result of discrimination. We know where that thinking originates & it is not a healthy place. By a piece of wonderfully selective thinking the complainers believe that one may only be properly represented by ones own gender while believing that gender has no effect on choices/ambitions/non-sexual desires. 

Gender is massively important until they say it's not.

Internal party politics is merely the politics of an odd subset of Irish life. Each party has it's own shibboleths & key phrases but essentially all share a common ground of purpose. This informs the choices where members are allowed make electoral choices. Mostly they are so allowed because party bosses know that this is the most effective way of keeping campaigning canvassers on board. For their own twisted reasons the proponents of Gender Quotas insist that sexism is endemic among those ordinary Irish people and using the metric of Women in Politics they have what they consider to be proof. After all if the world was fair would women not make up 50% of EVERY metric....... 

As a county director for elections for a large (the largest as it turns out) Irish Political party I was privileged to work with five successful County Council female candidates (their gender was irrelevant to me: I had thirteen people to get elected) all of whom were selected by their fellow party members for being the best, most electable, able available. That will never happen again. Now female candidates are to be selected because the know-betters say the must be selected. The wonderful, capable, savagely organised ladies with which I worked have been demoted by affirmative action to a form of  gender politics serving handicap. 

Gender Quotas demean women, turn them not into candidates but second class candidates, there only by grace of legal fiat, not talent. ideas, or persuasionThe intention was to have women taken seriously, instead this law merely turns women's candidates into a must have accessories, baubles to be brought along to the political party. Ordinary party members are expected to give their time & effort but not have decide for whom to apply that effort. .This is perfectly in line with the infantilising & demonising of ordinary people by the Knowbetters.

Any new woman standing for a political party will now be tainted by this patronising nonsense.  When, as the proponents intend it will, the quota is set at 50% of candidates all of the female candidates will be Quota Sows, not standing on their merits but on gender & bad law.

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