Friday, 4 May 2012

A Cardinal Disgrace, Brady MUST Go

"There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity...You can smell it. It smells like death." 
Tennessee Williams

The stink of mendacity has hung around the Irish Catholic Church for far too long. Two generations of gilded clowns have by their vicious refusal to consider child rape a crime condemned thousands of children to abuse, disgraced the church & thrown any moral authority the church had to the wind. 

Cardinal Sean Brady has worked all his life for the preferment he now endures rather than enjoys. He is a Cardinal but merely a cardinal example of moral blindness, cardinal disgrace, cardinal example of a man damaging the office he holds by holding it. Brady makes a mockery of the title he has worked all his life to achieve.

The facts are simple. Sean Brady KNEW Brendan Smyth was a child rapist. Instead of exposing him, of even insisting his Bishop take action Brady used the enormous might and weight of the Church to force two victims to swear secrecy about their own rape. Not once did it occur to this well schooled Canon Lawyer that his knowledge of the foulest of crimes was reason to go to the Gardai. That might stand in the way of his advancement, could even mean a a relegation to a poor & backward parish. 

In other jurisdictions this  itself would be a crime, witness tampering. Morally nothing can justify this action, not the time, not the prevailing custom, not the canon Law in which he is so expert. Brady swore those children to secrecy for the sake of his own career. The children endured a burden of imposed, cruel silence to go with their horrendous abuse & because of the cover up  the monstrous Smyth was free to rape again and again and again. That Brady did that, allowed that evil for his own miserable ambition, is beyond shameful.

Now we know that another victim of Smyth, in an act of far sighted courage & humanity, gave the then Fr Sean Brady the names of children he knew to be at risk from the monster. Brady claims he gave the information to his Bishop & the fault of inaction lies with him.

Only a moral pygmy could claim that merely passing on the information to the Bishop sufficed as action. Brady had a clear duty to make sure the information so painfully & courageously entrusted to him was used to protect the children. No career, no reputation, no moral equivalence can be weighed against the suffering of children.

Cardinal Sean Brady is a coward, a man who balanced the rape of children against his own ambitions, a disgrace to the Church & to every Catholic. If he does not resign he must be forced out, not by politicians who have no moral standing on the issue of child protection, but by ordinary Catholics.

The politicians who are now bleating for Cardinal Brady's resignation should be reminded that their record on child protection is every bit as bad as the Cardinal's. Where are the two hundred or more unaccompanied minor asylum seekers who have disappeared? What of the children in State( and I use the word in the absence of any term that conveys the neglect & disregard with which these unfortunate children are treated) care?  

Cardinal Sean Brady must be reminded by ordinary Catholics that vox populi, vox dei. If that means shying rocks at his red hat then we must shy those rocks. Brady oportet!

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