Monday, 24 October 2011

#VOTENOx2 - The case against the referendums in bullet points

I have written elsewhere ( on the 29th & 30th Referendums, here in bullet points are the good reasons to vote NO.

  • The referendums are rushed, leaving very little time for discussion. This means potential pitfalls are not teased out.
  • The wording of both referendums is unclear- good law is always clear, predictable & equitable. it is not clear what is meant by the word "class" in 29th nor how far the powers of an Oireachtais Committee might go in 30th. nor how such committees could be,if at all, made amenable to ordinary law.
  • For over two hundred years it has been a principle constitutional law that Governments cannot reduce judges pay- that was to prevent government threatening & interfering in court cases. Now to save at most €800,000 the government wants to do just that.
  • Only independent courts can make a decision about the "balance of rights". If we vote YES to 30th referendum we give that power to politicians, to an Oireachtais committee & by extension to the government of the day. 
  • Contra to EVERY principle of law Courts will have NO power to hear cases about or protect the citizens from such committees. Citizens can be held to have NO rights what so ever.How far do you think politicians would go if there was NO LAW to stop them?
  • "Public Interest" will mean whatever the government wants it to mean which would allow an Oireachtais committee to examine anyone, anything, any business. This gives the government of the day, who ALWAYS have an Oireachtais majority, vast power to intimidate, delay, harass and persecute ANYONE they don't like.
  • The Oireachtais already has the power to investigate, they just want LOTS more. The 30th referendum proses giving them FAR too much power
  • Voting NO will allow us get it right, a YES vote will never be mended.

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