Wednesday, 10 August 2011

London Burning

So London and other British cities are starting to look like a science fiction dystopia.

The surprise is that we  (and they) are surprised.

Britain, ahead of most of the developed world, has been heading down the road of social disintegration for over 60 years now. Every single piece of the fabric, every thing that makes a civilisation has been taken, disregarded and dumped. Now the unfortunate inhabitants of the great cities think the police can save them from the the calamity.

Take a long look at the Jeremy Kyle Show, the best window there is into the sewer. This is a broken, depraved society and this is what politicians will create if you let them. It is the DNA-mystery off-spring of the JK show that are looting a the cities.

Yes we are hearing the usual clap trap about deprivation and lack of opportunity but London is a huge bustling honey-pot of opportunity, attracting thousands to come and work every year. They come, they work and they become prosperous. There is no shortage of opportunity, looting louts don't lack opportunity, they don't want it for them selves or for others.

Already letters to the Daily Rag threaten us here with the same horrors if we do not spend and spend again. We could, if we do what the left would have us, create a similar situation here with enough money and some time. Years of socialist clap trap and victim politics have left the looters unfit to take part in any real society and the schools unfit for purpose to use a term much loved here.

The English Education system is bedevilled not by class but by class politics played by the leftists.
Of the 80,000 odd children who get schools meals ( the poorest by definition) only 189 get 3 A levels and only 19 qualify for Oxford or Cambridge.

No other statistic puts so starkly the sheer failure of left politics in education or the sheer lack of any kind of effort by thousands of families. Just 0.24%, less than one quarter of a percent of the poorest students study for 3 A levels. (Since data does not include the FE Sector it is almost certainly an OVER estimation of the percentages). That is failure on a shocking scale: failure of students, failure of families and failure of schools. This is not the result of poverty but of poverty of ambition.

That poverty  is concentrated in some areas.Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education wrote:
"Indeed, there are two local authorities in England,Islington and Slough, where no ­comprehensive pupil sat a single GCSE in physics, chemistry or biology".

These children are coming from families encouraged to see themselves as victims, told that they are entitled and paid to rot. So they do. Now the zombies are on the street and short of shoot-to-kill they will not be stopped.

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