Tuesday, 9 August 2011

In the dark of a winters 8.am the near 800 year old Black Abbey left images of scent, sound and picture on my child's mind. I can remember holding my Father's hand walking down the slope to the door and he putting me near the radiator to spare my the cold of the old battered stone work. I remember the way my parents used to be saddened when it flooded, as it regularly did in my childhood. That sadness and those memories make me more than glad that I was not at Mass there on the Saturday evening when Fr. Eddie Conway called Alan Shatter, Minister for Justice, a "Jewish, non-practicing, atheist" and said there was a bigger anti church agenda going on.
The Prior of the Abbey has since gracefully and fully apologised for his priests stupid outburst.

Had I been there I would not have walked out, could not have walked out until I let Fr Conway know exactly how stupid and ill conceived his sermon was and that if he had a problem with Jews he might like to step off the altar of the Jewish God. And remind the silly man that the Jewish Jesus had said "It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones",an injunction lost on the Irish Hierarchy for far too long. How could I stay but how could I desecrate both church and memory with the anger I would roar? And I can roar.

That Fr Conway is to an extent right only makes me more angry. There are those who see an opportunity in the rape of children and it's criminal cover-up.It is his barren stupidity and the mean barren stupidity of bishops that have brought the Church and the country to the point where a group of anti-faith atheists who wouldn't command a grunt of support now have power to for a radical experiment in forced secularisation. The atheists like the appalling, untalented, unelectable Ivana Bacik are not the problem, the Bishops and Priests ARE.

It is there blind wilful ugly self-satisfied stupidity that has led to this pass and Fr Conway has the gall to go on an anti semetic rant in a Catholoic pulpit as a dessert course.

I am a Catholic, I spent my years in the wilderness and my fathers death was the start of my return. my spiritual struggles are between me and my God: (and not between me and that talentless Mayo thyke either).

Ireland's Catholic church is headed by a amoral monster who used his power and authority to swear children NEVER to tell  about their being raped by Brendan Smith. I am told by The Solicitor that there is no way to prosecute him for this obstruction of justice and witness tampering(American crime that).

 Brady must go.
Catholics who believe in the church, believe in its role in their lives and their children's must force him out. We have a duty not just to pray that he does go but vox humana vox dei to tell him so, show him so with every chance and opportunity we get. It is immoral  to tolerate that him, the act of panderers to allow him and the act of spiritual cowards not knock his red hat into the middle of next week.

We must roar both at him at at the Baciks that we will not be cowed.

If we don't rid ourself of that monster we will surely lose the fight for religious freedom that is coming. Already the Thyke proposes an end to the secrecy of confession on the spurious grounds of catching child molesters. Where were you when the power of corrupt bishops was a real threat Enda? Keeping your inherited seat safe of course. Militant atheists are certain that they can now produce a fully state owned education system with strictly humanist civics replacing any religious instruction.

They will win this coming battle and do irreparable harm to education, society and the country if Catholics do not radically change the battle field. Get Brady out now: he is the enemy, he is the problem. He will not go easily but we can make him go hard. The renewal starts the day he retires. GET HIM OUT!

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